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世界Python爱好者的盛会PyCon首次在中国举办,由Python软件基金会下的PyCon.Org授权中国办第二届PyCon China Conference。本次大会由TopGeek、CPyUG、42区、GDG上海、GDG杭州、GDG西安、GDG合肥联合举办。

PyCon.Org is an international community for the Python programming language holds several conferences each year.


TopGeek Salon

This is a geek-oriented organization which holds regular offline activities to discuss internet trends and share experience. This organization is free from restriction as it is not divided into language or industry groups. The group is used to develop ideas, promote group learning, and to share resources to solve problems and promote communication. Our slogan is: "once a geek, always a geek"

Characteristics of TopGeek.

  1. We focus on offline activities, and promoting cross-domain communication regardless of terminal devices, developing languages, etc.
  2. We encourage frequent communication and detailed studies, especially for senior developers.
  3. We focus on minor technical groups when studying mainstream technology and new opportunities.

About TopGeek

Organization blog.:http://topgeek.org/

Sina weibo.:http://weibo.com/topgeek

Organizer:陈世欣(2Style4You CTO),王宏(微软中国高级经理),李锟(上海鹏图信息技术有限公司CTO),吕国宁(Intridea资深工程师),罗小能,支晓勇(91Office技术总监)

Previous activities of TopGeek

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CPyUG (China Python User Group)

The group is a community for local pythoners to communicate offline and has been held mainly in Beijing and Shanghai for at least 5 years, but is now expanding to other areas like Nanchang and Anhui.


"42qu" is a C2C trading platform based on personal skills, users can ask variety questions from whom are either expert or good in the specific domain, charges by time. This could be done online or face-to-face.

GDG (Google Developer Group)

This is a global community created by Google fans to enable technical communication and organize activities to develop technologies.




金山WPS Office移动版是金山公司推出的、运行于Android平台上的全功能办公软件,国内同类产品排名第一,Google官方Android市场排名领先。用户遍布全球220多个国家和地区。完全兼容桌面办公文档,支持DOC/DOCX/WPS/XLS/XLSX/PPT/PPTX/TXT/PDF等23种文件格式。方便用户在手机和平板上使用,满足您随时随地办公的需求。


Sina App Engine

Sina is a service in China and for global Chinese communities, online media and mobile value-added service providers.Sina has a number of localized web sites targeting Greater China and overseas Chinese mission, through its business lines: providing online news and content services, Sina (SINA.com), to provide micro-blog service microblogging (Weibo.com ) to provide mobile wireless value-added services Sina (SINA Mobile), and other business, the majority of users, including regional portals, mobile value-added services, microblogging, blog, audio and video streaming, photo album sharing, online games, e-mail, search, classified listings, fee-based services, e-commerce and enterprise e-solutions, including a range of services.