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PyCon China 2011

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Dec 3, 2011 - Dec 4, 2011 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Shanghai, China


Time: 2011/12/3 9:30-2011/12/4 17:30

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Guido van Rossum
Guido van Rossum

Christmas, 1989: Python was invented by
Guido van Rossum.

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January, 1994: Python 1.0 Released.

September 5, 2000: Python 1.6 Released.

October 16, 2000: Python 2.0 Released.

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December 3, 2008: Python 3.0 Released.


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Speakers  查看详细演讲内容及日程安排 »

Chen Shixin
Shen Wei
Lin Wei
Hung Qiangning
Damien Hou
Pan Junyong
Huang Dong
Chen Zheng
Ryan Ye
Zhou Qi
Li Yinghui
Lai Yonghao
Wang Jian
Wang Jianfeng
Diao Lizhi
Li Jundong
Lin Jun
Sun Datong
Martin Baehr
Wang Haofei
Zhong Zifei

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  1. Welcome Dinner
  2. Topics (1st Day)↓
    • Introduce organizers and sponsors
    • Introduce the conference - " Python makes the world more exciting "- Sting Chen
    • Video speeches from the Pythoners in the world.
    • " Python, the road to the future "- Wei Shen
    • " Exploring and discovering the game development in python "- Wei Lin
    • "Using Python in Douban.Com" - Hung Qiangning
    • "Scale web application stack with coro-thread" - Damien Hou
    • " Introduction of Easydo PaaS cloud developing platform technology "- Junyong Pan
    • " Billing and traffic management of large-scale video website "- Dong Huang
    • " Implementation of SAE (Sina AppEngine) in python "- Zheng Chen
  3. Dinner - Pythoners and speakers.
  4. Topics (2nd Day)↓
    • "A Python approach to implement Schemaless model on MySQL" - Ryan Ye
    • "Use Message Queue technology to develop web for KISS (Keep it simple, stupid). "- Zoom.Quiet (Qi Zhou)
    • "Thinking and practicing of Web framework developing - Uliweb "- Limodou (Yinghui Li)
    • "Applications of Webgame in Python "- Yonghao Lai
    • "Using Python to build medium-size role-playing online game server-side applications."- Jian Wang
  5. Lightning Talk (Product Demo or technical experience to share).↓
    • "Introduce OpenERP product and discuss how to develop more functions on it. "- Jianfeng Wang
    • "Improve Thunder offline by Python - A Successful Story of Python "- Adieu (Lizhi Diao)
    • "Experience of using Python "- Jundong Li
    • "Create realtime web app using Tornado" - Lin Jun
    • "Development of PyCon China offical website" - Sun Datong
    • - Learn and Practice Python - Martin Baehr
    • "OpenStack: Open Source Cloud Computing platform written in Python" - Wang Haofei
    • "Visualization of large-scale networking fabrics" - Zhong Zifei
    • "Occupational planning for engineers" - Song Jinliang
    • "Workend, where developer meets designer" - Steven.Yang

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