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Google is a search service provided, to provide advertising services to business customers focus on the profitability of the company.Search Google for its rapid, accurate and easy to use, etc., is recognized as the world's best search engine.
Tudou (Tudou.com) is China's earliest and most influential video-sharing site, is a Chinese online video industry's leading brands, is the world's first on-line video sharing websites.Wang Wei is Tudou founder and CEO.

Tudou on April 15, 2005 formally launched, every day more than 25 million unique users, 200 million monthly users, with more than 80 million registered users.August 17, 2011, Tudou in the U.S. NASDAQ stock code: TUDO.

From the first day of the establishment of potatoes, we believe that is, " Everyone is living the director "We aim to make creative program makers to create and share the freedom to make their programs appear in front of the user, will also allow each user can see at any time they want to see any program.
CCP is recognized for the creation of revolutionary gaming experiences designed with a unique combination of stunning artistry and advanced technology. Best known as the independent developer and publisher of EVE Online, the critically-acclaimed, space-based massively multiplayer online game (MMO) and PC Gamer's 2009 'MMO of the Year', two additional titles are now in production: World of Darkness, a dark, immersive MMO based on the legendary roleplaying franchise of the same name; and DUST 514, the groundbreaking massively multiplayer online persistent shooter (MMOPS) set in and linked to the EVE Online universe. Founded in Iceland in 1997, CCP is privately held and has offices in Atlanta, Newcastle, Reykjavik and Shanghai with a datacenter in London. More information can be found at www.ccpgames.com.
As a leading interactive entertainment media company, by Shanda Shanda, Shanda Literature, Shanda Online and other subjects and other businesses to provide customers with a wide range of interactive entertainment content and services.Other investment companies also offer a grand network video, family chess platform, e-sports platform, mobile interactive entertainment, online animation, online music, etc., suitable for different age groups of users of interactive entertainment products, the majority of users.
Kingsoft network
Kingsoft Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in November 2010, is headquartered in Beijing, its predecessor is the security software Kingsoft Co., Ltd. and cattle.The two companies completed in October 2010, merger integration, the establishment of a new network Technology Co., Ltd. Jinshan.Kingsoft Internet Security Kingsoft Co., Ltd. has inherited a strong scientific and technological R & D capabilities and beef products on the Internet's keen ability to respond to millions of Internet users to a variety of Internet security as the core application services.Kingsoft Kingsoft Internet Security Laboratory and R & D centers set up in Zhuhai.
Douban was established in March 2005, now has 53 million registered users.Douban has been committed to helping urban populations found something useful in life, by the book video, group, station, city, watercress and said so many products and services related to mobile applications to different areas of city life.
Sina is a service in China and for global Chinese communities, online media and mobile value-added service providers.Sina has a number of localized web sites targeting Greater China and overseas Chinese mission, through its business lines: providing online news and content services, Sina (SINA.com), to provide micro-blog service microblogging (Weibo.com ) to provide mobile wireless value-added services Sina (SINA Mobile), and other business, the majority of users, including regional portals, mobile value-added services, microblogging, blog, audio and video streaming, photo album sharing, online games, e-mail, search, classified listings, fee-based services, e-commerce and enterprise e-solutions, including a range of services.
stroll treasure open source platform, not just free web hosting, we are committed to leading technology, to release all our dreams about python, next-generation technology allows incredible application types have today can be perfect show.Open platform also allows you to freely create, through the platform of the interface and source code, you can easily create websites on the platform and applications, and even change the platform itself.In addition, stroll treasure open operating policies allow you to operate on the platform of your product, through the platform of operational functions, for your users to create happiness at the same time, to achieve their own happiness.Loyal to the utility of the United States, or will be happy to early adopters of new, strange, cool, and create a new world is open-source platform stroll treasure.
HuZhou XunPu
S & P Information Technology Co., Ltd. Huzhou fast, is a software company dedicated to technology research and development, and solution providers.Has a leading ultra-high performance server technology, and high-performance intelligent database, game engine and other products.Involving artificial intelligence, e-commerce and other fields.
Turing's Posts & Telecom Press - standing on the shoulders of giants, to create the most professional IT book publishing (writing / translation) service platform and look forward to working with you!
Gensee as interactive exhibition is a joint venture by the world's leading venture capital investment in high-tech enterprises; committed to the operation activities of the world's leading network and virtual meeting platform; to break the traditional pattern of a virtual industry, first mixed transmission mode, the audio and video , PPT and interactive content simultaneously presented to the audience, better to restore the scene of the real atmosphere, a completely new experience.

Media Support

InfoQ.com (Information Queue) is a moment of change in the enterprise software development and innovation in the field of independent online community, the reader audience is mainly technical architect, technical team leader (senior developer), and project managers.Experts from the various technical fields through the latest news, technical articles, video interviews, video lectures and mini-books, InfoQ as Java,. NET, Ruby, SOA, agile, architecture, and the seven communities provide first-class operation and maintenance information.InfoQ station was officially launched worldwide on June 8, 2006, InfoQ Chinese station was officially launched on March 28, 2007, to the communities we serve to promote the progress of the primary mission.
CSDN was founded in 1999, is China's largest Chinese IT knowledge services group, focused on IT information dissemination, technology exchange, education and training, and professional and technical personnel services.Has more than 18 million registered members, 10,000 CTO, 50 million registered companies and partners, the world's Chinese website, ranking 27th.For a long time, CSDN technical perspective to the development of IT industry concern, to share the depth of growth promoting industrial technology, is committed to promoting technological innovation, promote sharing, openness and collaboration, to create high-quality Chinese IT technology platform.
PyCon.Org is an international community for the Python programming language holds several conferences each year.
Google Technology User Groups
in every major cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Xi'an, Shenzhen, Nanyang and other places, volunteers have formed by the Google developer community GTUG (Google Technology User Group). GTUG all developing technologies and products for Google, the Internet technology, mobile technology, open source development technologies and application development and other interested member of the community.They often organize offline exchanges.We encourage you to take part in the GTUG community, to know more like-minded developers, mutual learning and exchange.
Python Chinese community.
CPUG is a formally established China's first non-governmental organizations for Python users, the majority of Python fan driven promotion and development of Python for the set up. Now CPUG provides Python-related resources and services, are interested can join us and use our services.We accept all kinds of support and sponsorship, but also willing to work with you, working with Python development.
TopGeek organization is an advanced software and Internet technologies for staff organization, focused on some of the new software and Internet technology trends, development of ideas and experience.

individualist tradition in the present technology, the industry divided by language or community-based organizations circles of the state, we insist that the circle formed by the practice of technical schools can not meet the needs of senior technical staff.

We want to break the technology division, helping community members to explore new ideas, learn from each other, sharing of resources.Mature technology staff to resolve some common issues for further development, the formation of some good circle of friends.
Woodpecker.org.cn Woodpecker community
Woodpecker.org.cn is an open collaborative organization, attention to the Python language and the development of a variety of applications.
Google Groups
CPUG the Google Group.
Gensee as interactive exhibition is a joint venture by the world's leading venture capital investment in high-tech enterprises; committed to the operation activities of the world's leading network and virtual meeting platform; to break the traditional pattern of a virtual industry, first mixed transmission mode, the audio and video , PPT and interactive content simultaneously presented to the audience, better to restore the scene of the real atmosphere, a completely new experience.
Gensee is the webcast service provider for PyCon.