Date Time Topic Speaker Summary
December 2, 2011
19:00-19:15 Welcome Speech Hosts & Sponsors Registration of the dinner and welcome speech
19:15-21:15 Welcome Dinner Hosts & Sponsors Dinner with speakers, host and sponsor delegates for better understanding and getting ready for the conference.
December 3, 2011
08:30-09:20 Sign    
09:20-09:30 Introduce organizers and sponsors Hosts & Sponsors Introductions from sponsor(Google) and hosts(GTUG, TopGeek, CPyUG).
09:30-09:35 Keynote " Python makes the world more exciting. " Chen Shixin Download Keynote
09:35-10:25 Videos from Pythoners national Pythoner Videos from Pythoners in, Google(Mountain View), Holland, New Zealand, Beijing(China), Shenzhen(China).
10:25-11:10 " Python, the road to the future " Shen Wei Python opens up a better future for all!
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11:10-11:15 Break    
11:15-12:00 " Exploration and discovery of Python game developing. " Lin Wei The current game developing have more difficulties, such as, the game content is more complicated; the players is more, the changing of game market is faster. So, the cost for developing games is more expensive and risk for a new game is higher than before.
How to develop effectively for keeping the low development cost in python? How to build game server which will support 10,000 concurrent online players in python? How to develop graphics and client logic in python? Do the python software exploit the power of multi-core system well? Is "high performance" never belong to the scope of our discussion? How many internet games use python? What area will use python?
LinWei, The senior technical director in NetEase Interactive Entertainment department, will share more technology and key points in game development.

Keynote is not available due to speaker's request.
12:00-13:00 lunch    
13:00-13:45 "Using Python in Douban.Com" Hung Qiangning Python is the main developing language of douban from online application to offline computation. This presentation introduces the details of python application on this site and some related experience.
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13:45-14:30 "Scale web application stack with coro-thread" Damien Hou We've been using greenlet and coroutine for more than 5 years. In fact, we've built full web application stack upon coro-thread, including web servers, cache servers and db accessing servers. We'd like to share some knowledge on how those servers are built and communicating to each other, and how we handle scalability.
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14:30-15:00 Coffee Break    
15:00-15:45 " Internel technologies of Easydo PaaS cloud developing platform" Pan Junyong Easy-degree PaaS is the first enterprise application based on the Python language development cloud platform.Presentation will analyze existing enterprise PaaS platform, easy to talk about how to use the existing degree of open source technology, relying on the python / zope / pyramid and other major technology to build the platform.
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15:45-16:30 " Billing and traffic management of large-scale video website " Huang Dong All Internet sites are beginning to face the large capacity and large-scale distributed deployment of CDN.Flow has not been from the previous topic of concern to become the most cost-touch sensitive nerve.Therefore, a series of questions, how to know how much traffic the site or use the bandwidth?How to check usage and partners?In a more large-scale video website on how to analyze the traffic?How to schedule user traffic?
This will be a very vertical sharing the details of topics, from the above problems will be careful to explain the operational level and analysis of system engineers normally we do not care to reveal some other content.Also hope that this sharing can reveal some of the industry"hidden rules " so that Internet traffic and bandwidth management industry more open and simple.
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16:30-17:15 " Implementation of SAE (Sina AppEngine) in python " Chen Zheng brief Sina SAE cloud computing platform (Sina's AppEngine, similar to Google's AppEngine, Python version also supports the implementation), SAE Python features introduced in the SAE platform demonstrates how to use the Python language to develop simple applications using Django, Flask , Bottle frameworks, including Python Web Hosting Overview of the status, run the Python sandbox to achieve third-party code such as technology sharing.
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17:15-18:00 interactive sessions   Q & A
19:00-21:00 Dinner - Pythoners and speakers.   Python participants can communicate with the speakers at the dinner.
Note: every participant can register for the dinner, need to share the payment of the cost.
December 4, 2011
09:00-09:30 Sign    
09:30-09:35 Schedule Introduction   introductions of today's guests and meeting schedule.
09:35-10:10 "A Python approach to implement Schemaless model on MySQL" Ryan Ye There have been lots of buzz of NoSQL in recent years. But most companys are still SQL-based relational database powered. Slide Inc. started with using MySQL in a traditional way. But then found schemaless DB is more suitable for rapid development. So we implemented an infrastructure in Python, which allows us to store schemaless data on MySQL database.
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10:10-10:20 Q / A    
10:20-11:05 "Using Message Queue technology to develop web for KISS (Keep it simple, stupid)" Zhou Qi Using Message Queue in web development for keeping system simple and stupid. (K.I.S.S) "Does the complicated web site must usage complicated code? Definitely No!" This topic will share some thoughts about how to use some tiny and simple scripts to build a big web system. And discuss the web architecture which is similar as UNIX system.
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11:05-11:15 Q / A    
11:15-11:20 Break    
11:20-12:05 "Thinking and practicing of Web framework developing - Uliweb " Li Yinghui Download Keynote
12:05-12:15 Q / A    
12:15-13:15 lunch    
13:15-14:00 "The applications of Webgame in Python " Lai Yonghao Python has become a mainstream programming language in WebGame industry. This presentation will introduce different useage of Python in the field of server-side development MMOGs, such as the large Python application development model, high-performance I / O, coroutines, communications, and Python's strengths and defects
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14:00-14:10 Q / A    
14:10-14:55 "Using Python to build medium role-playing online game server-side applications. " Wang Jian Talk about the designing game server architecture by a medium role-playing game, which is developed in python. And descript the fighting core model in the game and other aspects.
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14:55-15:05 Q / A    
15:05-15:20 Break    
15:20-15:35 Lightning Talk:" Introduction of OpenERP program and second developing " Wang Jianfeng Download Keynote
15:35-15:45 Lightning Talk:" Improve Thunder offline by Python - A Python Successful Story " Diao Lizhi Lightning Talk: Three main points of improvement of Thunder off-line by Python:
1) Using Python script to calculate file with ed2k link, send large files with offline Thunder
2) XBMC plug-ins written in Python, on-demand video files directly from the Thunder.
3) with Python script to download the Linux Server environment on Thunder offline files
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15:45-15:55 Light Talk:" Experience of using Python " Li Jundong Download Keynote
15:55-16:05 Lightning Talk: "Create realtime web app using Tornado" Lin Jun Download Keynote
16:05-16:15 Lightning Talk: "Develop of PyCon China offical website" Sun Datong Discuss problems that may be found while developing website with Python and their solutions.
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16:15-16:25 Lightning Talk: " - Learn and Practice Python" Martin Baehr Rosetta Code is a programming chrestomathy site. The idea is to present solutions to the same task in as many different languages as possible, to demonstrate how languages are similar and different, and to aid a person with a grounding in one approach to a problem in learning another.
The talk will introduce Rosetta Code and show how it can be used to learn and practice python.
16:25-16:35 Lightning Talk: "OpenStack: Open Source Cloud Computing platform written in Python" Wang Haofei OpenStack produce the ubiquitous Open Source Cloud Computing platform that will meet the needs of public and private clouds regardless of size, by being simple to implement and massively scalable.
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16:35-16:45 Light Talk: "Visualization of large-scale networking fabrics" Zhong Zifei We will briefly present the following
1. How python gets used at the switch level
2. A system built to visualize large-scale networking fabrics, helping identifying and locating faults.
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16:45-16:55 Light Talk: "Occupational planning for engineers" Song Jinliang Download Keynote
16:55-17:05 Light Talk: "Workend, where developer meets designer" Steven.Yang Download Keynote