TalkVenue B

Practice of Data Application in Brain Science

10/1714:30 - 15:15

Xing Zhang

Xing ZhangLunion Data CTO/Full stack engineer

  • 2017~2019 Alibaba Algorithm Specialist / Data R&D Specialist
  • 2015~2017 Coupang Senior Data Engineer

Introduction to problems and methods of data processing in brain science

  1. Python ecology in brain science
    • Data storage format
    • Data analysis method
    • Data presentation form
  2. Saas application practice for sleep classification based on EEG data
    • Web technology architecture
    • Storage and calculation strategy
    • Visualization method
  3. A brief description of the application of neuron classification for EEG data
  4. Follow-up application and technical challenges
  5. Some small detours using python