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Graph database mystery solving and hands-on application

10/1713:00 - 13:45

Siwei Gu

Siwei GuVesoft Inc.

I am a software engineer in Shanghai, and I am a community developer evangelist for Nebula Graph (open source distributed graph database) at vesoft.

My job is to improve the learning, development, and community participation experience of developers by creating content around Nebula Graph Database and building tools.

I work in the open source community, and (spent the first few years of my career to realize) love to use my own ideas and learned techniques to help others, I think this is a kind of honor and precious opportunity.

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Past experience

I worked at Ericsson for nearly ten years: from 2011 to 2021. The role is the system manager of the cloud computing product Cloud Execution Envrioment (CEE) R&D team. Most of my work is through the design and development of more than 20 CEE 6.6.2 and CEE 10 functions and improvements, covering computing, storage, network, and life cycle Management and security, etc., to help Ericsson's IaaS products and solutions continue to evolve. At the same time, I am also responsible for the evangelism of CEE products in China (external and internal).

Host of the "Open Source Face to Face" podcast (Unfortunately, only the zeroth issue was released)

What is a graph database? Why Yet Another Database? What problems can it solve? This talk will demystify graph databases and share, demo from zero to one, the speaker's own interesting open source projects built in Python based on graph databases.

  • Nebula Siwi, a full-stack single-domain intelligent question-and-answer bot built on graph database and Python
  • Equity penetration, a small project based on Python Faker to generate data to demonstrate the equity relationship penetration query