TalkVenue B

Optimizing data science workloads across Github, VSCode, and Azure

10/1615:30 - 16:15

Lomis Chen

Lomis ChenProgram Manager at Microsoft

Lomis Chen is currently a Program Manager at Microsoft with a focus on data science & AI tooling for python developers on Azure.

She has a deep interest in UX and data science and has previously worked on Azure CLI with a focus on UX and CSAT improvement.

Prior to joining DevDiv she'd worked under Windows on CodeHub the inner source platform, a static code analysis service, as well as OSS security.

The usage of python in data science and machine learning has been explosive over the last few years and there's been more developer needs and support in the community than ever. In this talk, I will walk you through how you could seamlessly perform tasks ranging from exploratory analysis to machine learning across various Microsoft tooling including GitHub, Visual Studio Code, as well as Azure Machine Learning.