TalkVenue A

Building Interactive Dashboards with Dash & ECharts

10/1715:30 - 16:15

Fanchao Meng

Fanchao MengFull-stack engineer of Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory, former ThoughtWorker, GDG community lecturer, loves Python, Golang and K8s

A true full-stack engineer who has tossed JTAG debugger, embedded compiler, IDE, front and back end, Docker, K8s, good at writing "hello world"s in ANY languages.

Recently, I was tossing about things related to data visualization in a mysterious car factory, trying to use python to get everything, and using python as the language of life for the elderly.

In this talk, we will introduce how to use dash and echarts to quickly build a large visualization screen. With the dash framework, data engineers can easily build dynamic reports, while echarts' rich legends make data representation more vivid and intuitive. This session will quickly introduce the basic methods of using dash and echarts together, and provide step by step instructions for creating complex charts such as maps, so that you can quickly master the use of dash and echarts.