Call For Papers

We welcome all kinds of presentation related to Python, including artificial intelligence, Python features, network security, server development, operation and maintenance, medical treatment, finance, open source projects and other fields. We also welcome any lightning talks that are helpful to developers.

Speech category

  • Keynote speech (35-45 minutes)
  • Lightning speech (10 minutes)

Speech content review standard

  • Whether the point of view of the applicant’s speech is clear, whether the content described is attractive, and whether it helps the audience to accumulate knowledge and experience;
  • The content of the applicant’s speech should be based on actual practice and help the audience to dig out the content from the speech; the audience’s possible gains from the speech sharing are of the greatest concern to the organizing committee, which is also an important aspect of this PyCon China significance;
  • The organizing committee welcomes Pythonistas who have certain achievements and experience in the corresponding field to submit topics and share their practical experience and opinions;
  • PyCon China pays attention to dry goods sharing and experience exchange. Please do not try to make any form of advertising during the speech.

Speaker Benefits

  • PyCon China 2021 commemorative gift packs.

At the same time, interested partners are welcome to apply to become members of the conference organizing committee and participate in a PyCon China in your mind!

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